I think I must have been barely 20 years old when I attended the Biennale des Antiquaires for the first time in the late 1980s.

When you love art, the decorative arts, jewellery and the art of living, French style, you cannot help being marked for life by so much beauty. I still recall the emotions I experienced at each new Biennale.

I remember the setting which struck you as soon as you entered the Grand Palais, the decoration of the stands, sometimes the work of the greatest stage designers, the quality of the merchandise displayed and the expertise of the dealers, as well as the sophisticated elegance of the European and international collectors.

It was evident that art lovers enjoyed the fact that they could admire works of a quality equal to those on display in museums, which would subsequently pass into private hands, and that it was therefore a real privilege to be able to see them and admire them… filling one with wonder in admiring this excellence which is so typical of Paris and France.

Later, as an insurer specialising in works of art and jewellery, I cannot remember how many times I was told by a collector: “I bought this at the Biennale des Antiquaires”. This would refer to a work of the highest quality by a celebrated name, put aside by the dealer for this outstanding fair; accordingly it would boast an additional signature, that of La Biennale Paris.

Today it is with emotion, pleasure and pride that, at the request of Georges De Jonckheere, I am to be president of the Comité d’Honneur International of the 32nd edition of La Biennale Paris . I shall be supported by a committee of collectors and art lovers who are eager to reinforce the standing of Paris.

Georges will confirm that I was enthusiastic from the very start, and he knows how much I want to help him ensure that this new Biennale will repeat the magnificence which distinguished it in the past and which will continue to do so in the future

Cyril Karaoglan
President of the Comité d’Honneur International.