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The Syndicat National des Antiquaires has entrusted me with the ambitious project of reinvigorating the Biennale and ensuring that it is adapted to our time and worthy of its past.

This major event is an important part of our heritage. For several decades now, it has gathered together the greatest art enthusiasts under the dome of the Grand Palais and, in doing so, it has established the reputation of a significant number of French and international art dealers. It is on the foundations of this distinguished past that we are creating a renewed, eclectic Salon, one that will be worthy of Paris while also catering to the needs of our profession.

Everything has been reviewed and we have put together an ambitious new team who have the enthusiasm and expertise to ensure we make this Biennale a major success.

We will be bringing together the world’s leading dealers. There will also be contemporary art galleries and the international jewellers, who, I am delighted to say, will be making a comeback. The presence of decorators and designers, symbols of French creativity and elegance, will contribute to making this 32nd EDITION a particularly remarkable event.

We will make sure the Biennale reflects the tastes of major international clients and collectors, who are now more receptive to cross collecting than they have been previously and who would like to see the most prized treasures and most up to date professionals representing their fields.

We will have some 90 participants. Each of them will contribute - with their reputation, their talent and the design of their stands - to reinforce our iconic Biennale and project it into the future.

I will ensure that each participant has the best visibility, both during the Salon and in the media.

I want to particularly thank three people, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect, city planner and designer, Alain-Dominique Perrin, president of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, and Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, chairman and founder of the Mazarine group, who contribute continually to enhancing Paris’s reputation as a major cultural city. They have been very supportive of our project for the renewal of the Biennale and invaluable in helping me shape my plans for reinvigorating it.

Finally, I am very grateful to Cyril Karaoglan for accepting the presidency of the Comité d’Honneur International. I believe that his enthusiasm and his ideas already reflect the expectations of collectors.

Georges De Jonckheere
President of La Biennale Paris