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Napoléon, L’Empereur sous la verrière

To celebrate its 30th edition, La Biennale Paris will welcome in its heart a selection of iconic pieces from the exceptional imperial collection assembled by Pierre-Jean Chalençon.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon, a flamboyant and passionate collector

It is fair to say that he has earned his nickname “Emperor" at Drouot and Christie's from his strong aura and assumed self-derision. He carefully cultivates an offbeat appearance and does not hesitate to exhibit on his finger the ring of coronation and on his neck the stamp pendant of King Jerome, Napoleon's youngest brother.

An outstanding collection

Fascinated by Napoleon since his early childhood, he acquired the very first piece in his collection during his adolescence, an autograph letter from the Emperor. Many other purchases ensued. Today, this patiently assembled collection counts around 1,200 objects and is one of the most important Napoleonic collections in the world. Endowed with museum-quality pieces intimately connected to the figure of Napoleon such as his portrait as the First Consul by Baron Gros or one of the two hats her wore in 1809 during the Battle of Essling, this collection also attempts to touch upon the Emperor's relatives: from Josephine to Marie-Louise, from the Bonaparte family to eminent marshals, the entire imperial elite is celebrated by Pierre-Jean Chalençon’s passion.

From Friday 13th
to Tuesday 17th

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