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Contemporary jewellery

The concept of ‘Mounted Objects’ was invented by the ingenious artisans of the Renaissance. Goldsmiths, watchmakers and cabinetmakers of the era would take engraved stones, lacquers or porcelains, and create new mountings around them, thus repurposing them into unusual, exquisite objects for the delectation of their refined and eclectic clientele. Inspired by the audacious and poetic approach of the Renaissance masters, Maison AUCLERT has assembled an elegant collection of Antique works of art and mounted them as pieces of contemporary jewellery for a discerning contemporary clientele. The works of art which we have selected to be mounted as Maison AUCLERT’s debut collection have been sourced from a broad range of periods, cultures and geographical regions. Each object has been chosen for its beauty and rarity; each sober and elegant mounting has been designed to showcase, and not overwhelm, the objects’ preciousness, colour, patina, shape or symbolism. Designed to celebrate and enhance the singularity of each Antique work of art, every piece in the Maison AUCLERT collection is unique, hand-made and embellished by the artisans of the best contemporary workshops in Paris. In deference to the uncompromising spirit of the collector, each Antique work of art is respected: no soldering, scratching, permanent gluing, no re-piercing or alteration is permitted during the mounting process. The grandson of an antique dealer, Marc Auclert has had a passion for antique jewellery and objects of curiosity from a young age. Having spent over twenty years working for some of the most prestigious jewellery houses worldwide, he has now decided to succumb to his passion, and has created Maison AUCLERT to share it with others. Supported by his ‘Collective of Friends’, he hopes that you too will be charmed by the moving aura of these unique jewels, which speak to us beyond time and beyond space.






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