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The Françoise Livinec galleries open a dialogue between French, Chinese, Korean, Iranian and Japanese artists. The exhibited works bear within them, beyond the singularity of their aesthetics and their anchoring in history of civilizations, a universal questioning.

The Françoise Livinec gallery transcends the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, with international artists, recognized or emerging. The eras cross, the mediums meet in the same aesthetic of silence. The program unfolds in the Parisian gallery, on Penthièvre street, as well as in the art space, “l’Ecole des filles”, in Brittany. The programming of these two art spaces is in line with the thoughts of the poet and doctor, Victor Segalen, who died in Huelgoat in 1919, near the École des filles. In his footsteps, the Françoise Livinec gallery presents many foreign artists. In 2004, Françoise Livinec opened her first gallery, on Avenue Matignon (8e). In 2009, she rehabilitated the former municipal school for girls in Huelgoat, Brittany, into an art space. Each season, a thematic exhibition is presented in the 2,000 m² of former classrooms. A place of life and culture, the École des filles also offers numerous literary events, “l’été des 13 dimanches”, sponsored by Mona Ozouf and Alain Rey. In 2010, she created Editions Françoise Livinec to publish artists’ monographs, exhibition catalogs, and other works in collaboration with numerous curators and writers. Finally, the year 2015 was marked by the acquisition of a new gallery, rue de Penthièvre (8e), giving a new dimension to her contemporary art activities.

C.P.G.A.(Comité Professionnel des Galeries d`Art)



24 rue de penthièvre,75008,Paris,France