LA METAIRIE - Ronan Lelandais

LA METAIRIE - Ronan Lelandais

Ronan Lelandais

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LA METAIRIE - Ronan Lelandais

French porcelain from the 18th and EARLY 19th century.

Expert in French hard porcelain of the XVIIIth and EARLY XIXth, I have a UNIQUE stock by the number of pieces but also by the diversity of the represented forms. Also a collector and enthusiast, I fell in love with French Hard Porcelains, made between 1760 and 1820, in Paris with its manufactures such as Clignancourt, Dagoty, Locré, Nast, Dihl and Guérhard (known as Manufacture du Duc D'Angouleme ), Thiroux (known as Manufacture à la Reine)… or decoration workshops like Halley, Deroche…, but also provincial factories, such as Boissettes, Lille, Bordeaux, Caen, Marseille, Orléans… Without forgetting the manufactures of Porcelaines Tendres such as Chantilly, Mennecy, Saint Cloud, Sceaux, Sèvres, Vincennes ... For 30 years, I have made it my profession and my specialization for 20 years, which allows me to present many pieces to you, some of which are exceptional and untraceable. Ronan Lelandais Expert and Supplier of Museums