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“I THOUGHT OF OTHER WAYS TO WORK WITH JEWELS THAT ARE DESIRABLE," JÖRG DOMEISEN. Domeisen is committed to working with precious metals and exceptional gemstones in the pursuit of creating iconic jewelry. Driven by the beauty of craftsmanship, artistic expression and excellence, Domeisen defines itself as a pioneer of aesthetic and precious collectibles. Each Domeisen jewelry tells a unique story of a sense of liberation and lightness through its abstract sculptural forms and colors. As Liz Kim Domeisen says, “Stones are protagonists placed into a story amongst the textural landscape of gold.”

Inspired by the family’s rich legacy of numerous notable master goldsmiths from Zurich and Rapperswil between 1430 and 1750, Hansjörg Domeisen established a goldsmith atelier and shop in 1961 in the Old Town of Rapperswil, a medieval city on Lake Zurich. Now in its second generation, Jörg Domeisen, a gemologist and master goldsmith, and his wife Liz Kim, a visual artist, have been creating timeless masterpieces and collectibles for over two decades. They continuously present their newest work in their showroom and salon in the heart of Zurich, as well as at the historical Domeisen House in Rapperswil, where each unique piece of jewelry is handcrafted by Jörg Domeisen with a most talented and innovative team of goldsmiths from Switzerland. Some of the highly distinguished historical works are presented in the collection from the Swiss National State Museum in Zurich and in prominent private collections worldwide.






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