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“First of all, we are very proud to be able to undertake this project. The Grand Palace is a very majestic building!
I aim to respect and enhance its beauty.
The notion was created with the desire to merge the exhibition space into the existing structure.  And to develop a design that makes the building even more enriching, taking into account the green color of the iron construction, and complementing it with the floor of the Grand Palace.
I thought of making columns of light and openings that guide the light of the dome to the ground so that the dome’s illumination remains a focal attraction. For the entrance, I chose sympathetic shapes which also match of the colors of the Grand Palace and makes the dome even more exceptional.
All the design is discreet and aims to highlight the grandeur of the space.
I am convinced that the combination of colors in the high space, will ensure that the exhibition will be a magnificent space where exhibitors can proudly present their works of art.
The Art on display will be able to set the tone of the show, because our structure will blend into the Grand Palace, to become a harmonized environment.”
Harry van der Hoorn, CEO Stabilo