Sculpture Tour


Conceived as a stroll through the Biennale, the sculpture trail features nine works that punctuate the alleys and squares.

Upon entering, visitors will be confronted with the imposing Pigeons voyageurs (Die Taubenpost) by the artist Adel Abdessemed (presented here by the artist's studio and a collector).
As a counterpoint, in the middle of the alley that opens onto the Eiffel Tower, sits the imposing flying man by the Belgian artist Panamarenko, Brazil, a bird-man halfway between Icarus and Jules Verne. It belongs to the collections of the prestigious Musée de Flandre.
This alley is a showcase unveiled by Wim Delvoye's bronze, Daphnis & Chloë (Counterclockwise), and then by Koen Vanmechelen's Custodian, a chthonic figure, a female body with a bull's head announcing the passage to a new and surprising era.
The exhibition continues with the works David and Goliath by Christophe Charbonnel (Galerie Bayart), Les fragments du temps by Christian Lapie (Galerie RX), Cerchio, Untitled by Bruno Romeda (Dutko Gallery), Le Baiser by Jivko (L'Univers du Bronze) and the magnificent ceramic I am The passenger by Tamara Van San (Galerie Italienne).

Adel Abdesseemed, DIE TAUBENPOST

Here, the figure of the pigeon, overhanging the ground of its two meters of height, proposes a reading against feet of its original evocation. The bird, ancient factor of news, carries today, immobile, an explosive charge on its back.

Wim Delvoye, Daphnis & Chloë (Counterclockwise)

Chrome silvered bronze H 165 x Ø 85 cm 2009

Jivko, The Kiss

Dimensions of the characters : H 220 cm L. 120 cm

Christophe Charbonnel, David et Goliath

Bronze Dimensions of Goliath : 290 x 140 x 140 cm Dimensions of David : 200 x 90 x 80 cm Courtesy Galerie Bayart 2016

Koen Vanmechelen, Custodian

Custodian is the name of an enchanting statue. A chthonic figure, this female body with a bull’s head heralds the transition to a new and surprising era. She is the guardian of what is yet unimaginable. The skull by her side is a symbol of the past. This fascinating and impressive mix of humanity and nature – a female Minotaur – radiates both strength and seduction. She is the muse of a new kind of coexistence that is growing on the foundations of the past. Black marquinha marble, taxidermic black highlander head with horns, 162 x 95 x 118 cm © Koen Vanmechelen, photo by Kris Vervaeke, 2020

Panamarenko, Brazil

A scene from Terry Gilliam's 1985 film Brazil, where the main character dreams of flying under his own power, inspired Panamarenko to create this sculpture. H.180, L.650 , D.130, 350 kilos

Tamara Van San, I am The passenger

courtesy Galerie Italienne

Christian Lapie, Les fragments du temps

Oak treated with linseed oil under vacuum "Prolin 400 x 80 x 110 cm 3 figures fixed on a plate of 125 x 125 cm 260 kg courtesy Galerie RX, Paris - New York 2021

Bruno Romeda, Cerchio, Untitled

Bronze circle Diameter : 210 cm Height of base : 3 cm courtesy Galerie Dutko 2005