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Terms of sales and use

Thank you for reading the terms of use of the online ticketing service: You will be able to print your tickets or exchange voucher as soon as your purchase is validated. You will also receive an email link allowing you to print your tickets or voucher later on. When you arrive at La Biennale Paris in Le Grand Palais - Paris, your ticket or voucher will be electronically identified via the barcode. Tickets purchased online are not refundable or exchangeable. Even though your ticket or voucher is nominative, it does not guarantee your access to the site in case of loss or theft. Tickets are non-transferable, duplication or reproduction is prohibited. Please check that the date of use of your ticket is compatible with your availability. Hold on to your ticket or exchange voucher as no disputes will be considered by the SNA or the publisher of the service in case of the use of an illegal reproduction without your knowledge.

Each ticket entitles you to a single entry into the exhibition space. Tickets sold online are full-fare tickets which are exclusively valid for the period from the 12th to the 17th of September 2019. Reduced fare tickets can only be purchased at the Paris Biennale 2019 edition, upon presentation of the appropriate justification document. Purchasing your ticket online entails the effective renunciation to any beneficial entry fee which may have otherwise been claimed. You may consult our prices and the conditions of free entry.


This ticket is identified electronically when you arrive on site, on the date indicated. As such, it must not be duplicated or photocopied. Any reproduction is fraudulent and vain as the number on the ticket and the barcode guarantee its uniqueness. The first person to present the ticket is presumed to be the legitimate bearer and will be allowed to attend the event.

Keep your ticket in a safe place. Only use an official sales channel to purchase your ticket.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS TICKET FROM A STRANGER, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES. This ticket is subject to the terms and conditions of sale, which you have accepted prior to purchasing this ticket.