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The Artwork Admission Commission (CAO), chaired by Frédéric Castaing from the CNE and Michel Maket from the SFEP, has the purpose to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the artworks being presented to the public. The audit criteria will remain as stringent as in 2017

In the context of a controversy-stricken international art market this year La Biennale Paris has deemed it essential to offer buyers and visitors a higher level of control and security

  • The choice of experts no longer runs through the President of the Syndicate or his council, but are entirely attributed to the co-presidency Castaing-Maket
  • It constitutes a tremendous attractiveness factor of trust which is essential to the reputation of La Biennale Paris the galleries and antique dealers.

The features of the commission of admissions of La Biennale Paris 2018 are as follows:

  • No intervention by the elected officials and the president of the SNA are allowed
  • No exhibitor of La Biennale Paris will be able to be part of the Admission Commission of the Works
  • The commission's team of consultants will be strengthened by experts in restoration, institutions from France and abroad
  • Exhibitors may appeal the decisions made by the commission of admissions. These are always limited to three items.

An important scientific apparatus will be put into place:

  • 25 specialties will be represented in the selection of consultants
  • Almost a hundred consultants contribute to it
  • Nearly 5,000 works will be examined for two days requiring 1,000 accumulated hours
From Friday 13th
to Tuesday 17th

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